My name is Annie (O’Garra) Worsley. I am a mother of four wonderful young people and am now a grandmother too. This is a blog about life on a small croft close to the sea yet set amidst the wild mountains of remote North West Scotland. Having worked as an academic but principally as a mother of four  and wife of one, I am now embarking a new path with my husband Rob. Our croft embodies a complete change of life, work and practice, a move away from the fast paced, hectic, semi-urban living which successfully provided for our family, yet which eventually sapped us of energy. Now in the remote but utterly beautiful part of Britain we are trying to live closer to nature, the seasons and to engage much more deeply with landscape, earth and wildlife. With this in mind and having left behind so many much loved friends and family, I hope the ‘wee’ blog will help not only Rob and I to engage with “crofty storytelling”, but it will also give insight into our new way of life.


8 Responses to About

  1. Jenny Jones says:

    I’ve been hoping that you would do something like this so am delighted (but utterly jealous!) to see your blog. I look forward to lots of entries.


    • annieogw says:

      Thank you missy. I have been rather hesitant to start… you know how it is, you think it can’t be done and then one day, you just do it! A bit like journal papers! Hugs to you!


  2. Jules Telford says:

    Read your beautiful piece in Winter anthology and wanted to read more! Your thoughts resonate with me -I’m in transition moving away from a similar frantic semi urban life but it will take a little longer to move . I look forward to reading more. Happy New Year to you !


  3. falmouthfan says:

    Beautiful writing. Your piece in Melissa Harrison’s anthology of Winter brought me here.


  4. Max Harris says:

    I have made your blog my home page on my work PC so that every I day I am given the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful prose and splendid photography. All of this should be gathered eventually into a book, and when that happens, I shall be among the first in line to purchase a few copies. Great work!

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    • Oh thank you Max, you are very kind. I’m so glad you like the blog. I’m not a real writer or photographer but this world of ours is so wonderful that I can’t help but write about it and take pictures of what I see.
      And there is a book coming, early next year I hope. Have you also seen the journal Elementum? I have pieces in Editions 4 and 5, accompanied by some fantastic art work.
      Best wishes to you!


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