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Talks-walking, eye-blindings and wild spraintings

July is a month of flickering, in and out, up and down. Heat and searing light give way to cooler silvery days filled with midges and mists, the latter gently spreading diamonds on leaves and flowers, in and out, up … Continue reading

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Caught by a (wild storm) river

I came to the far north to live amongst its heady mix of mountain wilderness and wild seas, and for a different kind of life, to be closer to the elementals and more intimate with nature. But when a recent … Continue reading

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Washing and drying along the river bank

As it trickled through the recent days of heat our ‘Red River’ reddened, becoming shallower, its music softer. The Abhain Dearg took on the colour of old blood and its stones and pebbles shone in rust and bronze. Some of the … Continue reading

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Heat. Real heat. Not the usual Highland snatch of sunny warmth and hazy dampness where we still need to seek a secluded spot to shelter from a cool sea breeze, but authentic summer-hot, dust-dry heat. It arrived almost instantaneously, within … Continue reading

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Syrup-days, ink-skies and a belly-aching roar

We have skipped past the start of astrological autumn and the equinoctial balancing of night and day and danced into October. Everything has changed: light, sounds, smells, colours. And the heavens delighted us all recently with a mystic, blood-red, super-moon … Continue reading

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Interlude: A wooden seat at the edge of the world

I am sitting on a wooden plank. My seat is perched at the edge of a small cliff which overlooks croft fields. The steep, wooded cliff is an ancient river terrace, so I am sitting among the tree tops and … Continue reading

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Abhainn Dearg: the Red River of South Erradale

Pulsing and rushing through Red River Croft is the River Erradale. On old maps is a prettier name, one which conjures up sounds and sights more truly reflective of its nature: the Abhainn Dearg or Red River. Our croft is … Continue reading

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