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Whale bones and wintry wilds

Snow appeared on our mountain tops with the back-turning of clocks, just as it usually does, so now days are constricted, confined at each end by swift sunrises and swifter sunsets. Each incremental diurnal shortening can almost be tasted. To … Continue reading

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Grey tails and skylarks

As the first page of March opened, tall thunder clouds passed over the Cuillin and Trotternish on Skye and glided across the Inner Sound. Soundless, austere and stately, the heights of their heads were impossible to estimate and yet I … Continue reading

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Midwinter, Christmas and a new neighbour

I am restored. Normal winter weather has returned. From outside howlings and groanings interfere with any thoughts of planning for the day. The noise is relentless. I can’t see properly through any of my windows though I peer out of … Continue reading

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A wild, light and dark, magical mid-winter turning of the world

The world is turning, there is a palpable sense of shifting and change. It is the winter solstice and after today, the hours of sunlight will begin to slowly, steadily increase. But the last few days leading up to the … Continue reading

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H R Giger? Or Poseidon’s rejects along the shore

High tides, full moon and westerly gales have brought mounds of marine debris, flotsam and jetsam to shore. All along the strandline it looks as though Poseidon himself has thrown out the bones of his soldiers, colossal waves pushing what … Continue reading

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It’s that 50 shades time of year! February love, winter’s end in sight, storm winds and birds!

When I was a baby my mother, in desperation, would lovingly put me in a big, grand pram, wrapped up warm in wool and cotton, and wheel pram and me outside. Her striving for snatches of peace and hope that … Continue reading

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